About Us

V’s full name is V Bullock.

The “V” is not an initial, or an abbreviation, it is her full name. She was born Le Thi Cam Van in the city of Can Tho, which is located in the Mekong Delta, of Vietnam.

V has done many things in her life.  Her life has not always been easy because she grew up understanding that it was her responsibility to “take care” of her family. She had her first business when she was 8 years old. She never had time to go to school because she was too busy working.

V first started doing Nails when she was 15 years old. She found that she loved doing Nails, appreciated the challenge of making them “AweSome” and gained enormous satisfaction when she created a set of Nails for someone and the Nails were so “AweSome” that the person got excited.

She could think of no better way of making people happy then by creating “AweSome” Nails for girls and making those girls more beautiful. So she opened a beauty Salon. Then, in 2010, she met, and married, an Australian man, took his family name, legally changed her given name to V and moved permanently to Australia. The Australian way of life, and even doing Nails, was quite different to what she was used to. She initially worked part time and went to TAFE to learn English. Then followed a period of adjustment where she increased the time that she spent doing Nails again but found herself unable to do Nails “her way”. This led to her, in July 2014, setting up her own home based Nail Business and finally opening it in December of that year. Initially she had one nail station, one pedicure spa chair and 20 square metres of floor space.

At first she only had a few customers but those that she did have quickly showed their friends exactly how “AweSome” V’s Nails were. Very quickly she got so busy that she needed help. Luckily this coincided with one of her life time friends getting pregnant but also needing a job. Soon though there was even too much work for the two of them but, luckily, another girlfriend was pregnant and this girl came to share the work also. Since then the business has continued to grow and now has 4 Nail Stations, 3 Pedicure Spa Chairs, 6 people working and occupies 70 square metres of floor space. The shop is a “special place”. It is not the typical “Nail Salon” and everyone comments on how relaxing and friendly it is. We pride ourselves on not having “Customers” but instead have “family and friends”. All our staff share the same dedication to “taking care” and producing “AweSome” Nails that make people happy.

We try to make it as welcoming as possible and have provided all weather off street parking. Firstly just in our front yard but now we have expanded it to include 400 sq. metres (in both our front and back yards). Everyone comments on how big, and convenient, this is. There is additional street parking just metres away in Tallow Wood Drive and 50 metres up the road in Main Rd. That is also were the Bus stops are located (Pindari St, Route 610). We pride ourselves on letting our work be our best advertisement. 95-98% of all of our “New” business comes from people referring family, friends or acquaintances to us. Nowadays even more people have heard about V’s AweSome Nails. V is fast becoming a bit of a local celebrity. If you haven’t paid us a visit yet then come along and allow us to make you excited for your “AweSome” Nails. We will always want to make you happy.