A Manicure is the process of grooming the hands. It involves filing and shaping the Nails, manipulation of the Cuticle, removal of non-living tissue, treatments with various liquids and Massaging the hands. Often people will speak of French Manicure, American Manicure etc. These are manicures with additional Services provided. More … link to Our Services, Manicure.

The French Manicure is the original concept designed around providing a “Natural” look whilst emphasising/enhancing the Manicure. It is characterised by a lack of Base Colour, a light Pink or Nude shade for the Nail with white tips. The white tip may be painted on top, or underneath, the nail. It can be done either with Artificial or Natural Nails but there is always a stark contrast between the Nail and the (very) White Tip.

An American manicure takes the “Natural” look a step further. It still has the pink or Nude tone Nail and a White Tip but the contrast is much more subdued. The White Tip is not a Stark, Bright White but instead tones in more with the overall finish.

A Pedicure is the grooming of the feet. It involves clipping and shaping the toe nails, soaking the feet, scrubbing with foot files or pumice stone, applications with various liquids and massaging of the feet and lower leg. More … link to Our Services, Pedicure

Nail polish (or Varnish) is the process of applying lacquer to the Nails. It comes in a multitude of colours and finishes. It is designed to primarily beautify the nails but does not have a very long life. The Brands, formulations and treatments are only limitless. More … link to Our Services, Polish

Acrylic is the combination of a liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer) that air dries to form a hard, non-flexible compound. It can be applied directly to the nail either as an overlay or in a preformed state (Artificial Nails/ Extensions) that are then bonded to your Nail. Either method can then be cut, filed shaped, coloured and coated. More … link to Our Services, Acrylic

Gel is a substance that hardens under either UV or LED lights. It is applied in multiples coats, is generally thinner and more natural looking than Acrylics. They do have some flexibility and are more resistant to water. More … link to Our Services, Gel

Polish is merely a lacquer, is not very strong and will not last long. Acrylic is harder, dries in the air and is longer lasting but is toxic and inflexible. Gel is quicker to do, more natural looking but requires UV or LED lights to dry. There are Gel False Nails/Extensions also. More … link to Our Services, Gel. More … link to Our Services, Acrylic

Polish only lasts a few days, whilst Gel and Acrylic lasts weeks. The natural growth of the nail normally will dictate that an infill will be needed in 2-3 weeks.

Shellac is, in fact, a proprietary product. It is a product made by CND. It is a combination of Nail Polish and Gel. It is stronger, and more durable, than Polish but not as strong as Gel. However, when gel is used as a colour and Top coat over acrylic, it has become a common usage to refer to this as “Shellac”. It is not, and cannot be, but some people will argue that it is. Shellac, in the Nail environment, is ONLY the product manufactured by CND.

These are the basic treatments and all other treatments are based on them. There are many other proprietary products that their owners will make various claims about but their origins can usually be traced back to Polish, Acrylic and/or Gel

These are pre-moulded or formed Nail look-a-likes that can be first bonded to the natural nail then cut, filed, shaped, coloured and coated to produce a desired effect. This can be done for individual Nails (maybe to lengthen a single short Nail) or as a treatment for a Full Set. They can be made of Acrylic or Gel.

There are generally 7 common shapes. Square, Squoval (or Soft Square), Round, Almond, Oval, Stiletto and Coffin

Keep them Clean. Wash with soap and water and use a Nail Brush. Trim them often. The more often the stronger they will grow.
Use a Nail File (in one direction) regularly. Use a hand lotion/Cream Use cuticle Oil Avoid exposing your Nails to chemicals (cleaning??) Wear gloves when gardening/ washing up/immersing in water

Nails are constantly growing but your nail treatments cannot. Therefore, as the Nail continues to grow, a ever increasing gap will develop between the nail treatment and your finger. An Infill is designed to “Fill In” this gap and Bring your nails back to a pristine finish

The term “Full Set” can really can apply to a complete set (10 Nails) of any treatment. However in is widely accepted that a “Full Set” means a Full Set of fake Nails be it Gel or Acrylic.

They are usually either UV (UltraViolet) or LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights and these are used to cure Gel Nails. There are also Heat Lamps that can be used in a variety of proprietary products and processes.

Pretty much anything that you can think of. It is only limited by your imagination. Firstly there are many different colours and treatments. Matte or shiny finishes. Polish that glitters, glows in the dark or even changes colour (depending on temperature). Water can be utilised to create marbling effects or sponges for other effects. Then there are patterns, pictures and messages that can be painted on. Decals, transfers, tapes, stickers and foils can also be added. Layers of Gel, or Acrylic, can be built up to create 3 dimensional effects. Jewellery (bling) can be added in the form of studs, rhinestones, bow-ties, beads etc. New and innovative effects are being introduced all the time. Nails can be transformed into a major work of art, attracting much comment discuss and attention. Nails can be “AweSome”